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Sudipto Biswas sbiswas7 at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Jun 13 17:42:44 UTC 2016

On Monday 13 June 2016 06:57 PM, Flavio Percoco wrote:
> On 12/06/16 22:10 +0000, Hongbin Lu wrote:
>> Hi team,
>> During the team meetings these weeks, we collaborated the initial 
>> project roadmap. I summarized it as below. Please review.
>> * Implement a common container abstraction for different container 
>> runtimes. The initial implementation will focus on supporting basic 
>> container operations (i.e. CRUD).
> What COE's are being considered for the first implementation? Just 
> docker and kubernetes?
>> * Focus on non-nested containers use cases (running containers on 
>> physical hosts), and revisit nested containers use cases (running 
>> containers on VMs) later.
>> * Provide two set of APIs to access containers: The Nova APIs and the 
>> Zun-native APIs. In particular, the Zun-native APIs will expose full 
>> container capabilities, and Nova APIs will expose capabilities that 
>> are shared between containers and VMs.
> - Is the nova side going to be implemented in the form of a Nova 
> driver (like
> ironic's?)? What do you mean by APIs here?
> - What operations are we expecting this to support (just CRUD 
> operations on
> containers?)?
> I can see this driver being useful for specialized services like Trove 
> but I'm
> curious/concerned about how this will be used by end users (assuming 
> that's the
> goal).
>> * Leverage Neutron (via Kuryr) for container networking.
>> * Leverage Cinder for container data volume.
>> * Leverage Glance for storing container images. If necessary, 
>> contribute to Glance for missing features (i.e. support layer of 
>> container images).
> Are you aware of https://review.openstack.org/#/c/249282/ ?
This support is very minimalistic in nature, since it doesn't do 
anything beyond just storing a docker FS tar ball.
I think it was felt that, further support for docker FS was needed. 
While there were suggestions of private docker registry, having something
in band (w.r.t openstack) maybe desirable.
>> * Support enforcing multi-tenancy by doing the following:
>> ** Add configurable options for scheduler to enforce neighboring 
>> containers belonging to the same tenant.
>> ** Support hypervisor-based container runtimes.
>> The following topics have been discussed, but the team cannot reach 
>> consensus on including them into the short-term project scope. We 
>> skipped them for now and might revisit them later.
>> * Support proxying API calls to COEs.
> Any link to what this proxy will do and what service it'll talk to? I'd
> generally advice against having proxy calls in services. We've just 
> done work in
> Nova to deprecate the Nova Image proxy.
>> * Advanced container operations (i.e. keep container alive, load 
>> balancer setup, rolling upgrade).
>> * Nested containers use cases (i.e. provision container hosts).
>> * Container composition (i.e. support docker-compose like DSL).
>> NOTE: I might forgot and mis-understood something. Please feel free 
>> to point out if anything is wrong or missing.
> It sounds you've got more than enough to work on for now, I think it's 
> fine to
> table these topics for now.
> just my $0.02
> Flavio
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