[openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] Mid-cycle date selection (need input!)

Jesse Pretorius jesse.pretorius at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 08:16:35 UTC 2016

On 9 June 2016 at 19:51, Major Hayden <major at mhtx.net> wrote:

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> Hey folks,
> I've been able to secure a few dates at Rackspace's headquarters in San
> Antonio, Texas:
>   1) August 10-12
>   2) August 22-26
>   3) August 29 - September 2
> During the meeting earlier today, #3 was determined to cause a lot of
> conflicts for people.  #1 seems to be the most preferred.  I have emails
> out to ask about deals on local hotels and I'm waiting to hear back on
> those.
> The room should seat about 20-25 people and we would have at least one
> projector.
> Please reply with your thoughts and a date preference!  Once we get that
> sorted out, we can fire up an etherpad for everyone to sign up for a spot.

Thanks Major. I have no conflicts for any of the dates. By option 2 I'm
guessing you mean either 22-24 August (Mon-Wed) or 24-26 (Wed-Fri) rather
than the entire week?

I would prefer an option in option 2's range, but option 1 or 3 are also
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