[openstack-dev] [ironic] using ironic as a replacement for existing datacenter baremetal provisioning

Lucas Alvares Gomes lucasagomes at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 21:19:10 UTC 2016


>> I agree in general with the idea but I think it needs a tad more
>> context. We need to remember that Ironic (ex-Nova Baremetal) was
>> created to fill a gap in OpenStack that was missing for TripleO
>> project to get off the ground. That was the problem being solved and
>> these aspects are reflected in the ReST API: Being admin-only, not
>> "human-friendly" (standalone came later), etc...
> Sorry, I didn't mean to slag on people here. In fact, I tried to come up
> with a way to say "no offense" but couldn't figure the words out. Ironic
> did start with a very specific use case, it's come a super long way, and
> you all did what you had to do to get things going. For that I'm forever
> indebted to you. :)

No offense taken at all, I also do think that the current API is
absolutely terrible for humans! I just wanted to point out that it
wasn't actually architected for it, plus, IIRC nobody in the project
at the time had much - if any - experience designing ReST APIs.

> ++, I do agree we could make a v2 faster than shoehorning things into
> v1. The "evil" part of my comment is around removing v1 in the future,
> actually. No matter the project, it's a long hard road, and will take
> years to do (and even then some tools will likely be left old and
> broken).

Yeah on that perspective it's evil indeed :-/


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