[openstack-dev] [Octavia] Unable to plug VIP

Babu Shanmugam bschanmu at redhat.com
Tue Jun 7 12:09:35 UTC 2016

I am using octavia deployed using devstack. I am *never* able to 
successfully create a loadbalancer. Following is my investigation,

1. When a loadbalancer is created, octavia controller sends plug_vip 
request to the amphora VM.
2. It waits for some time till the connection to the amphora is established.
3. After it successfully connects, octavia controller gets response 
{"details": "No suitable network interface found"} to plug_vip request.
4. I tried to get the list of interfaces attached to the amphora VM 
using subprocess.check_cmd("sudo virsh domiflist") before returning frpm 
and found that there is indeed a veth device attached to the VM with 
that MAC sent in the request.
5. From the amphora server code, I could understand that the possible 
place for this exception is 
But, when I ssh to the amphora VM, I was able to see the 
'amphora-haproxy' netns created and also the interface configuration 
file for eth1 device, which should have been executed after #L53.

I am not sure why this problem happens. Everything seems to be fine, but 
I am still facing this problem. Have you seen this problem before?

Thank you,

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