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Paul Bourke paul.bourke at oracle.com
Fri Jun 3 16:04:36 UTC 2016


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Subject: Re: Kilo version of Kolla
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2016 16:01:59 +0000
From: Steven Dake (stdake) <stdake at cisco.com>
To: Paul Bourke <paul.bourke at oracle.com>, POLAKU, CHANDRA <cp612q at att.com>
prabhu.p3 at cognizant.com <prabhu.p3 at cognizant.com>

Thanks Paul for sharing!

Would you mind ccing the mailing list with this response (I'd do it, but
I'm not sure if this link is special internal or not).

On 6/3/16, 2:14 AM, "Paul Bourke" <paul.bourke at oracle.com> wrote:

>I think Steve summed things up pretty well including the challenges
>involved in making Kolla deploy Kilo.
>Our latest stable release based on Kilo is available at
>and source code is available at
>https://oss.oracle.com/git/?p=openstack-kolla.git;a=summary which you're
>welcome to check out.
>Beyond Kilo support many of our tweaks are related to Oracle provided
>configurations such as support for Oracle VM server and using
>mysqlcluster rather than galera which may or may not be of interest to
>On 03/06/16 02:14, Steven Dake (stdake) wrote:
>> Chandra,
>> The first version of Kolla the community released that actually worked
>> was 1.0.0 (Liberty).  Prior to that all the work was R&D prototyping.
>>   That said, I'd recommend using 1.1.0 if you plan to use Liberty.  Note
>> 1.1.0 can be used to deploy Kilo, but it requires custom work which I
>> estimate at about 3 weeks for an engineer with 5-8 years of experience
>> and a thorough understanding of OpenStack configuration.
>> The hard part is changing the configuration options to work with Kilo as
>> well as sorting out where to get the repositories (or tarballs) from.
>>   Most everything should work as is, but there will be some changes.
>>   Oracle has a Kilo based OpenStack product of Kolla available that has
>> these customizations.  They didn't share mainly because we didn't call
>> Kilo our 1.0.0 release and there is no branch for their code to land in.
>>   Paul (cc) may be willing to share his Kilo customization, or it may be
>> secret sauce as their product is OpenCore.
>> Regards
>> -steve
>> From: "POLAKU, CHANDRA" <cp612q at att.com <mailto:cp612q at att.com>>
>> Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 7:52 AM
>> To: Steven Dake <stdake at cisco.com <mailto:stdake at cisco.com>>
>> Cc: "VENKATSUBRAMANIAM, SHRINATH" <sv395s at att.com
>> <mailto:sv395s at att.com>>, "prabhu.p3 at cognizant.com
>> <mailto:prabhu.p3 at cognizant.com>" <prabhu.p3 at cognizant.com
>> <mailto:prabhu.p3 at cognizant.com>>
>> Subject: Kilo version of Kolla
>>     Hello Steve,
>>     We want to install kilo version of Kolla in an open stack
>>     environment. I came across this link,
>>     it seems to be moved or deleted. Wondering if you can help me in
>>     this regard. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
>>     Thanks & Regards,
>>     Chandra Polaku
>>     Data Fabric Developer
>>     *K**force Inc***
>>     990 Hammond Dr NE #930
>>     Atlanta, GA 30328
>>     P: 404.441.3667
>>     cp612q at att.com <mailto:cp612q at att.com>
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