[openstack-dev] [Monasca] influxDB clustering and HA will be "commercial option".

Hochmuth, Roland M roland.hochmuth at hpe.com
Thu Jun 2 07:06:17 UTC 2016

Hi Jaesuk, The change in InfluxDB licensing was announced in the blog at, https://influxdata.com/blog/update-on-influxdb-clustering-high-availability-and-monetization/. Up until that announcement, InfluxDB was planning on supporting all their clustering and HA capabilities in the open-source version, which is one of the reasons we had added it to Monasca.

There has been some discussion on supporting other databases in Monasca. Due to performance and reliability concerns with InfluxDB, we had started looking at Cassandra as an alternative. There are several reviews to look at if you are interested at, https://review.openstack.org/#/q/monasca+cassandra. Shinya Kawabata has been looking into Cassandra most recently.

I looked at OpenTSDB several years ago. There are several concerns with OpenTSDB, but the more significant one for us has been around deployment, as it requires HBase which is built on HDFS. If you already have Hadoop, HDFS and Hbase deployed then OpenTSDB is an incremental addition, but if you don't, it is a significant investment. At the time that I had evaluated OpenTSDB performance was not on-par with the other alternatives I considered.

Regards --Roland

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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Monasca] influxDB clustering and HA will be "commercial option".

Hi, Monasca developers and users,

"For our current and future customers, we’ll be offering clustering and high availability through Influx Cloud, our managed hosting offering, and Influx Enterprise, our on-premise offering, in the coming months.”

It seems like “clustering” and “high availablity” of influxDB will be available only in commercial version.
Monasca is currently leveraging influxDB as a metrics and alarm database. Beside vertical, influxDB is currently only an open source option to use.

With this update stating “influxDB open source sw version will not have clustering / ha feature”,
I would like to know if there has been any discussion among monasca community to add more database backend rather than influxDB, especially OpenTSDB.

Thank you.

Jaesuk Ahn, Ph.D.
Software Defined Infra Tech. Lab.

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