[openstack-dev] [new][designate] designate-tempest-plugin 0.1.0 release

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Wed Jun 1 14:08:55 UTC 2016

We are thrilled to announce the release of:

designate-tempest-plugin 0.1.0: OpenStack DNS As A Service (Designate)
Functional Tests

This is the first release of designate-tempest-plugin.

With package available at:


For more details, please see below.

Changes in designate-tempest-plugin 21f4f8a01a0c343e157cfd69d80aadfdd592ec5a..0.1.0

4055b81 Add data driven RecordSet tests
0b12257 Increase default build timeout to 120sec
0127579 Replace assertEqual(a>b) with  assertGreater(a, b)
8aaa574 Skip nameserver propagation tests when no NS's in conf
53dbdbb Add client's method and test cases for /v2/recordsets API
2a8b529 Ensure V1 Records tests calls parent teardown
dddb499 Correctly parse IP:Port nameserver pairs
46cd508 Updated from global requirements
ea0ba08 Add zones ownership transfer accept to Designate tempest plugin
e9785c9 Add zones ownership transfer request to Designate tempest plugin
cf98c26 Add a client for querying nameservers
bbba362 Remove unintended comment
8f53f21 Updated from global requirements
8ae796c Port V1 Tempest test from designate's contrib folder
70dc6ec expected_success should be a classmethod
a3ab50c Add a config for a minimum ttl
2de01be Add tld_client's methods and tests to Designate tempest plugin
4beb93c Add pool_client's methods and tests to Designate tempest plugin
de24d96 Add recordset_client's methods and tests to Designate tempest plugin
c8f7a70 Add zones_export_client's methods and tests to Designate tempest plugin
89edc11 Add quotas client + tests, for the admin api
8abae33 Add blacklist client + smoke tests
aec952a Add zones_import_client's methods and tests to Designate tempest plugin
471df92 Assert with integer status codes to avoid hidden errors
d8471de Move assertExpected fucntion to base class
6db1c01 Several test cleanups
f2ac465 Add a test for deleting pending zones
560c89b API tests should be fast, Scenario tests slow
fef36a8 Adds zone client's methods and tests to Designate tempest plugin
25fb29e Initial layout of Designate tempest plugin

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