[openstack-dev] Retirement of openstack/cloud-init repository

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Sat Jul 30 00:12:58 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'd like to start the retirement (well actually it's more of shifting) 
of the openstack/cloud-init repository to its new location that 
*finally* removes the old bzr version of itself.

The long story is that the cloud-init folks (myself included) moved the 
bzr repository to openstack/cloud-init and cloud-init 2.0 work was 
started there while 0.7.x work was still done in bzr.

The 0.7.x branches of openstack/cloud-init then tried to stay up with 
the 0.7.x work but constantly feel behind, and 2.0 work has somewhat 
slowed down (not entirely stalled just yet) so in order to help out the 
whole thing here the canonical folks (mainly scott and friends) have 
finally moved the old bzr repository off of bzr and now it's connected 
into the launchpad git system and all history has been moved there and 
such (the 2.0 branch from openstack/cloud-init is also mirrored there) 
so at this point there isn't a need to have git and bzr when now one 
location (and one location that can please all the folks) exists.


So sometime next week I'm going to start the move of the 
openstack/cloud-init (which is outdated) to the attic and direct new 
people to the new location (or perhaps we can have infra just point to 
that in some kind of repo notes?).

Anyways, TLDR; git at launchpad for cloud-init, no more bzr or need to 
have out of sync ~sort of~ mirror in openstack, win!


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