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Fabio Giannetti (fgiannet) fgiannet at cisco.com
Wed Jul 20 13:54:05 UTC 2016

Notes for Monasca July Mid Cycle 2016

Minutes July 19 from 10:30am PDT to

Dimensions Names/Values resources

This blueprint needs to be updated. The PATCH part needs to be updated. The new URL is metrics/dimensions/names/values
The use case is driven by Grafana and is part of the templating. In order to get the list of unique dimension names you have to do a query for all the metrics.
The blueprint is implemented already in Java and Python and the implementation has been gone through a good testing. It has been implemented for Vertica and InfluxDB.
Brad to update the blueprint to relect the latest design changes.

Open Discussion
Is the vision for this project to be only for Openstack or it is possible to extend it to other projects?
The only dependency of the project is on Keystone and once that is removed the project can be used.
It is possible in the Python version to remove Keystone from the Pipeline and manually provide the header data so then the API will find the context.
Making Monasca more separate from Openstack. This will require a pluggable authentication mechanism.
Grafana already supports various Multitenancy capabilties but Kibana is not that flexible. It seems both support LDAP.


What we have done good
Cool New feature added. Logging API, deterministic alarms, periodic notificaitons
Good progress in adding new features
Multiple metrics was a good perfomance improvement. From 60s to 1s.
Well integrated in the Openstack process.
Good/Flexible architecture
More visibility in the community. Limited contributions from the "other" teams.

What we could have done better
Installation is still complex and cumbersome, not well documented. Need of a Monasca administration guide. Better docs in general would help.
Create an official tutorial.
Replacing Java API in Persister. It is difficult for new contributor to come to the project. Single API change can take 2 weeks. Java+Python and 3 databases.
Focus on polishing what is already available instead of expanding the scope.

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