[openstack-dev] kick-off meeting of openstack stewardship working group (SWG)

Amrith Kumar amrith at tesora.com
Thu Jul 14 12:07:39 UTC 2016

Today (July 14th) at 1800UTC in #openstack-meeting-cp, we will hold the kick-off meeting of the OpenStack Stewardship Working Group (SWG)[1].

The SWG was setup by the TC[2] with the stated purpose that this small group would review the leadership, communication, and decision making processes of the TC and OpenStack projects as a whole, and propose a set of improvements to the TC. Anyone interested in leadership, stewardship, and OpenStack is welcome to join the working group. Final decisions about any changes proposed by the SWG will be made by the TC.

The agenda for today's meeting is posted on the meetings wiki[3].

Today's meeting is being held in #openstack-meeting-cp as that meeting space is available at the proposed time. This is not going to be the time for the regular weekly meeting; an item on the agenda today is to figure out when we want to meet on a regular basis. Once we decide that, I'll find an available meeting channel.



[1] I don't plan to send reminders every week to the ML about the meeting; I'm only sending this one out because this is the kick-off meeting.
[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/337895/
[3] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/SWGMeeting

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