[openstack-dev] [freezer] Freezer Midcycle Meetup

Mathieu, Pierre-Arthur pierre-arthur.mathieu at hpe.com
Thu Jul 7 13:47:20 UTC 2016


The Freezer team is excited to announce that we're hosting our Newton midcycle
meetup on 15th of July, 2016.
The event is free and will happen in Galway, Ireland and be hosted by Hewlett 
Packard Enterprise.
We are planning for some virtual attendance as well.

Logistic is being managed here: [1]

Feel free to ask any question in this thread or in #openstack-freezer.

We hope to see you there,
Best Wishes,
- Pierre

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_midcycle_meetup_newton

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