[openstack-dev] Fuel 9.0 (Mitaka) deployment with Ubuntu UCA packages

Matthew Mosesohn mmosesohn at mirantis.com
Thu Jan 28 07:42:09 UTC 2016

Hi Fuelers and Stackers,

I am pleased to announce the first possibility to deploy Mitaka using
Fuel as a deployment tool. I am taking advantage of Alex Schultz's
plugin, fuel-plugin-upstream[0], along with a series of patches
currently on review[1]. I have not had a chance to do destructive
tests yet, but OSTF health checks are (nearly all) passing. Tests show
that we can complete deployment with either ceph or swift

The positive side of all of this experience shows that we can deploy
both Liberty and Mitaka (b1) on the same manifests.

One item to note is that the Nova EC2 API has gone away completely in
Mitaka, and haproxy configuration is updated to compensate for this.

Finally, I should add that our current custom automated BVT script
can't install a plugin, so I've written 2 patches[2] to hack in
fuel-plugin-upstream's tasks.

The only failure during deployment is OSTF reported that nova metadata
and nova osapi_compute services are down. Other tests pass just fine.
For those interested, I've attached a link to the logs from the

This achievement moves us closer to the goal of enabling Fuel to
deploy OpenStack using non-Mirantis packages.

[0] https://github.com/mwhahaha/fuel-plugin-upstream
[1] Mitaka support patches (in order):

[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/269752/ https://review.openstack.org/269749

[3] https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0UMyn5tu8EUdkUxMUs3Z0FxbGs/view?usp=sharing
(.tar.xz format)

Best Regards,
Matthew Moseoshn

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