[openstack-dev] [api] service type vs. project name for use in headers

michael mccune msm at redhat.com
Wed Jan 27 19:47:29 UTC 2016

hi all,

there have been a few reviews recently where the issue of service type 
versus project name have come up for use in the headers. as usual this 
conversation can get quite murky as there are several good examples 
where service type alone is not sufficient (for example if a service 
exposes several api controllers), and as has been pointed out project 
name can also be problematic (for example projects can change name).

i'm curious if we could come to a consensus regarding the use of service 
type *or* project name for headers. i propose leaving the ultimate 
decision up to the projects involved to choose the most appropriate 
identifier for their custom headers.

i am not convinced that we would ever need to have a standard on how 
these names are chosen for the header values, or if we would even need 
to have header names that could be deduced. for me, it would be much 
better for the projects use an identifier that makes sense to them, 
*and* for each project to have good api documentation.

so, instead of using examples where we have header names like 
"OpenStack-Some-[SERVICE_TYPE]-Header", maybe we should suggest 
"OpenStack-Some-[SERVICE_TYPE or PROJECT_NAME]-Header" as our guideline.

for reference, here are the current reviews that are circling around 
this issue:


and one that has already been merged:




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