[openstack-dev] [announce][kolla] Announcing Kolla Mitaka 2 availability

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Wed Jan 27 15:15:47 UTC 2016

The Kolla community is pleased to announce the release of Mitaka milestone #2.  We did not announce the release of Mitaka-1 because the PTL was unavailable to tag the release.  As a result, we are announcing changes that also occured in the Mitaka-1 tag here.  For further releases of Kolla, we have institued a backup individual responsible for tagging.  A big thanks to Sam Yaple for taking on the responsibility of backup release manager.

Of significant importance was the kicking off of the kolla-mesos repository where activity is extremely high.  We also started the implementation of Ansible playbooks for upgrading from Liberty to Mitaka.  While the Mesos work may be tech preview in Mitaka, we expect upgrades to work completely when Mitaka is released to permit an upgrade from Liberty to Mitaka!

Mitaka-1 changes:

  *   8 blueprints implemented, 60 bugs resolved.
  *   Pin Ceph to specific z version. We did not pin to a specific z version. please revert this line
  *   Configure network interface for control and compute nodes.
  *   Use RabbitMQ clusterer for cluster management of RabbitMQ.
  *   Add a profiles arg to build.py to allow users to easily build common sets of images.
  *   OpenStack Magnum automated deployment via Ansible.
  *   Source-based deployment installs the Python applications in virtualenv.
  *   Kicked off kolla-mesos repo with a specification outlining the work to be done.

Mitaka-2 changes:

  *   9 blueprints implemented, 10 bugs reoslved.
  *   The beginning of upgrades from Liberty to Mitaka has hit the repository with Keystone functional, and Nova patches under review!
  *   Introduction of kolla-ansible upgrade, pull, post-deploy, and precheck CLI operations
  *   New ansible module written for kolla to manage Docker (kolla_docker)
  *   Convert existing "data containers" to use the new named volumes with the volume management introduced in Docker 1.9 resulting in much cleaner output and management
  *   Introduce oslo.config and generate the kolla-build.conf by using oslo-config-generator tool
  *   Docker image dependency tree generator
  *   New config generation system reducing the amount of Ansible code by ~15% while improving the output from tasks to make it clearer what is going on
  *   Added playbooks for pulling images which are used to pre-stage images before a deploy or upgrade.  With pre-staged images a new multi-node deploy can be done in as little as 5 minutes. The time to pull the images is still dependent on where they are being pulled from and network bandwidth. Note the combined time for prestage and deploy is slightly reduced from the original time required, but taken as a whole, the prestage operation takes an amount of time dependent on the networking gear, storage gear, and bandwidth available.
  *   Root user was dropped in Nova, Cinder, Glance, Heat, Magnum, Ironic, Zaqar, Manila, Mistral, Trove, Designate, Ceilometer and Gnocchi containers in favor of unprivileged users.
  *   Python 3.X support.
  *   First implementations of ubuntu-binary containers.
  *   Added containers for Mistral and Manila.
  *   Containers for ZooKeeper, Mesos, Marathon and Chronos for kolla-mesos repository.

During Mitaka-2, we added a new core reviewer to the Kolla team.  His name is Lei Zhang (also known as Jeffrey Zhang or jeffrey4l on IRC).  Our community continues to grow and is highly diverse.  For evidence check out our stackalytics page here:



The Kolla Community

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