[openstack-dev] [oslo] Sachi King for oslo core

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Mon Jan 25 02:51:27 UTC 2016

Hey, so I'd like to propose Sachi - one of my HPE colleages who has
been helping out with pbr for a while now, for oslo core. pbr is
pretty quiet as you know, so its a bit hard to assess her work based
on reviews done - but I think her error rate will be
approximately the same as mine - pbr is such a minefield that everyone
will make mistakes, but she is thoughtful and has been burnt enough by
the minefield that she's developing quite the paranoia about
interactions in the wild. \o/

I'd actually like to propose her for oslo core, not just pbr: though she
doesn't have a big track record there outside of pbr, I don't see much
point in restricting her to just pbr - she's very
diligent and I'm sure if we offered it she'd do more for oslo code
review than I've managed to. I have asked her if she's interested, and
if she could commit to doing some reviews in oslo outside of pbr
itself - which she has said she is and can.


Robert Collins <rbtcollins at hpe.com>
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