[openstack-dev] [monasca] Anomaly & Prediction Engine

Hochmuth, Roland M roland.hochmuth at hpe.com
Fri Jan 22 18:48:13 UTC 2016

Hi Pradip, There are several components in Monasca. I'm not sure what the acronym APE is stands for. Is that Anomaly and Prediction Engine? The list of components in Monasca and the languages that they are implemented in is as follows:

  1.  API: Both Java and Python.
  2.  Persister: Both Java and Python
  3.  Threshold Engine: Java only
  4.  Notification Engine: Python
  5.  python-monascaclient: Python

Over the past few months we developed around 120 Tempest tests that test the entire API, developed a plugin for Tempest and integrated in the OpenStack CI systems. The Tempest tests run to 100% completion against both APIs and Persisters.

There was a Python implementation of an anomaly engine developed that was more of a proof-of-concept. It is at, https://github.com/roland-hochmuth/monasca-anomaly.

Regards --Roland

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(Apology for ignorance) - can anyone from Monasca please point any related documentation about the APE micro-service which (whatever be the state currently it is) currently we have in Monasca? Its in python or in Java?


On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 4:12 PM, Osanai, Hisashi <osanai.hisashi at jp.fujitsu.com<mailto:osanai.hisashi at jp.fujitsu.com>> wrote:

Monasca folks,

We discussed about Anomaly & Prediction Engine in this week's
irc meeting and decided we would exchange info using this list.
I'm really interested in having this functionality but the status
is prototype now.

We know that there are a lot of related tech around it and the tech
has been growing rapidly.

Let's start to discuss about how to approach this. What do you think?

Best Regards,
Hisashi Osanai

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