[openstack-dev] [glance][drivers] Re-think the Glance Driver's team

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Wed Jan 20 17:46:37 UTC 2016

Yo! Glancers,

Gonna cut the chase: I think we would do a better job on the specs (and light
specs) side if we get rid of the Glance Drivers team and encourage everyone
(especially from the core team) to weight in.

As it stands right now, the Glance Drivers team is the bottleneck for new
proposals. While I think things have improved significantly in this cycle from a
specs perspective, I still feel it can be improved more. Here's a list of things
that I don't like from our current process:

- It requires +2s from a dedicated group of people. This is not really the bad
  part of it but it does make other folks feel their opinions on specs don't
  worth the same as the driver's. For every community, especially ours, this is

- It requires us to have a separate meeting which we basically encourage other
  folks to join anyway.

- I've pinged folks from outside the driver's team to get their opinions because
  they hold expertise on a specific area. The current drivers team doesn't cover
  glance entirely, which means the team is not really on the best position to
  make calls on every area other than getting feedback and evaluating

- The current spec lite workflow is not really working well and we might need to
  find a way to incorporate it into the specs repo. One of the reasons it's not
  working as expected is that the process as we've set it up requires constant
  triage. This, unfortunately, hasn't happened and we need to scale somehow.

So, I'd like to propose the following with the hope it'll improve the situation:

- I'd like to merge the driver's meeting back into Glance's.

- Instead of discussing specs in depth in every meeting (or having a dedicated
  meeting for that), we can find one (or more) representative(s) in the team that
  will focus on reviewing the proposal. The final call remains on the PTL's
  hands (this is true already) but the voting and feedback comes from the rest
  of the team.

- If we do the above, this means the Glance Drivers team is not really needed
  anymore or that it needs to be expanded to include Glance Core's too. Another
  option could be letting folks in the driver's team approve specs rather than
  using the team to give voting rights to ppl.

- Re-think how we are managing light specs. It was brought up that LP was not a
  good tool and we decided to experiment anyway. It's been - at least from my
  POV - proven that it isn't but we've learned from it. The above is partially
  taken from what I noticed in this process.

I believe this is a good moment to do the above. We're passed the spec freeze
milestone which means the drivers team has less pressure. New specs are coming,
other specs are being reproposed for Mitaka and it'd be a good time to start
assigning specs to folks in the community.

Thoughts? Critics? Improvements?

To the current drivers team. Thanks a lot for the hard work, this is certainly
not an email to criticize what's been done during Mitaka but to improve it.

Flavio Percoco
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