[openstack-dev] [puppet] Proposal of adding puppet-oslo to OpenStack

Xingchao Yu yuxcer at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 10:01:43 UTC 2016

Hi,  all:

    Recently I submit some patches for adding rabbit_ha_queues and correct
the section name of memcached_servers params to each modules, then I find I
just did repeated things:

       1. Adding one parameters which related to oslo.*  or authtoken to
all puppet modules
       2. Correct section of parameters, move it from deprecated section to
oslo_* section, apply it on all puppet modules

     We have more than 30+ modules for now, that means we have to repeat
10+ or 20+ times if we want to do a simple change on oslo_* common configs.

     Besides, the number of oslo_* section is growing, for example :

       - oslo_messaging_amqp
       - oslo_messaging_rabbit
       - oslo_middleware
       - oslo_policy
       - oslo_concurrency
       - oslo_versionedobjects

    Now we maintain these oslo_* parameters separately in each modules,
 this has lead some problems:

    1.  oslo_* params are inconsistent in each modules
    2.  common params explosion in each modules
    3.  no convenient way for managing oslo_* params

    When I was doing some work on keystone::resource::authtoken        (

    Then I have a idea about adding puppet-oslo project, using a bunch of
define resources to unify oslo_* configs in each modules.

    I just write a prototype to show how does it works with oslo.cache:


    Please let me know your opinion on the same.

    Thanks & Regards.

 Xingchao Yu
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