[openstack-dev] [Monasca] alarms based on events

Premysl Kouril premysl.kouril at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 16:07:27 UTC 2016


we are just evaluating Monasca for our new cloud infrastructure and I
would like to ask if there are any possibilities in current Monasca or
some development plans to address following use case:

We have a box which we need to monitor and when something goes wrong
with the box, it sends out and SNMP trap indicating that it is in bad
condition and when the box is fixed it sends out SNMP trap indicating
that it is OK and operational again (in other words: the box is
indicating health state transitions by sending events - in this case
SNMP traps).

Is it possible in Monasca to define such alarm which would work on top
of such events? In other words - Is it possible to have a Monasca
alarm which would go red on some external event go back green on some
other external event? By alarm I really mean a stateful entity in
monasca database not some notification to administrator.

Best regards.

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