[openstack-dev] Add new plugins to neutron by the way of sub-project

hao li lwx319252 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 18 14:11:13 UTC 2016

A very Happy New Year 2016 !! At first , I don't know whether  the neutron‘s contributors can receive this letter. If not, could you tell me how to contact with them?I'm sorry to bother you in this way ,but I can't find another way that can get your  reply. We are a neutron  team .  we  add  a  Plug-in to the  ML 2 to support  our company  controllers.Based on the  spirit of the " four open ",we want to  get these  code  open by the way of sub-project .Of course  our team  try to make our Plugins to conform to the specifications. Could you take a time to have a look at our codes and documents? thanks a lot. Hao Li
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