[openstack-dev] [Horizon] Email as User Name on the Horizon login page

Adrian Turjak adriant at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Jan 15 04:13:54 UTC 2016

I've run into a weird issue with the Liberty release of Horizon.

For our deployment we enforce emails as usernames, and thus for Horizon
we used to have "User Name" on the login page replaced with "Email".
This used to be a straightforward change in the html template file, and
with the introduction of themes we assumed it would be the same. When
one of our designers was migrating our custom CSS and html changes to
the new theme system they missed that change and I at first it was a
silly mistake.

Only on digging through the code myself I found that the "User Name" on
the login screen isn't in the html file at all, nor anywhere else
straightforward. The login page form is built on the fly with javascript
to facilitate different modes of authentication. While a bit annoying
that didn't seem too bad and I then assumed it might mean a javascript
change, only that the more I dug, the more I became confused.

Where exactly is the login form defined? And where exactly is the "User
Name" text for the login form set?

I've tried all manner of stuff to change it with no luck and I feel like
I must have missed something obvious.

-Adrian Turjak

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