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Renat Akhmerov rakhmerov at mirantis.com
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Seems like most of the questions raised in the thread have been answered. Just some clarifications on Mistral+Zaqar from my side:
Mistral integration with Zaqar still doesn’t exist although has been very much wanted for a while. In its most trivial form it’s just a matter of adding Zaqar actions into Mistral (1-2 hours work). In this case workflow authors can call zaqar directly to notify about certain things. IMO it has pros and cons, one of the obvious cons is that the burden is on a workflow maintainer, but it allows to do notifications more flexibly.
Another way could be to teach Mistral engine to put all events related with whatever workflow state changes into configured Zaqar queue (passed as an input parameter, environment parameter or taken from configuration). This requires slightly more work, of course. 
Not directly related with the conversation but anyway. There's also BP [1] that assumes integration with Zaqar or any other solution to be able to listen to certain events and expose corresponding “listening” actions in workflow language. IMO, it would be a very powerful mechanism. See the BP for details. But that’s kind of opposite to what we’re discussing here. It’s about Mistral’s ability to listen to queues, not pushing.
I tend to agree that once we support integration with Zaqar we probably don’t need to implement websockets direct support in Mistral, although we can do it, no strong objections here.

[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mistral/+spec/mistral-resource-waiting-actions <https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mistral/+spec/mistral-resource-waiting-actions>

Renat Akhmerov
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