[openstack-dev] [neutron] Introducing Zephyr: A neutron end-to-end network testing framework

Michael Micucci micucci at midokura.com
Wed Jan 13 06:56:47 UTC 2016


Hello all!

I am pleased to announce the availability of "Zephyr", a new test 
framework for neutron API-based end-to-end network testing!

Currently, there is a LaunchPad at 
https://launchpad.net/zephyr-neutronand the code is public and can 
currently be found athttp://github.com/midonet/zephyr(plans to move to a 
OpenStack project are currently in progress, which would move the code 
base under the OpenStack umbrella).



  noun 1. a soft gentle breeze.

Zephyr was born as a black-box testing system for the MidoNet virtual 
networking product, testing scenarios and end-to-end functionality at a 
Neutron API level (rather than to the MidoNet API).

Zephyr's design principles are:

* Neutron-based end-to-end testing of OpenStack networking **(no 
keystone, no nova, etc.) which leads to a vendor-agnostic design 
(currently set to work with midonet, but design will allow for future 

* Decoupled Physical - Virtual management, so any physical layer model 
(like docker or IP namespaces, or VMs through ssh, or even an already 
running system like with devstack) can be used without modifying tests

* Community collaboration and conformation to OpenStack community standards

Zephyr is a work in progress, and as such there are several paths we 
have open to us:

* Make Zephyr truly vendor-agnostic: Right now Zephyr relies on MidoNet 
as a backend, but we'd like to have it work with any vendor backend and 
any physical model, like docker containers, IP net namespaces, VMs 
through ssh, running devstack environment, and possibly even bare iron 
multi-node!  (Note: we currently support IP net namespaces and are 
working on devstack integration)

* Integrate as a testing system as is decided by the community 
(Integrated with fullstack?  As a devstack addon?)

* Improve usability and reporting via OpenStack standard models

* Get Zephyr to work with other Python testing frameworks (currently 
unittest), like nose, etc.

* Update code to match OpenStack community coding-style

* Maintain and update code as suggested through code review

* Remain flexible and open so community members can add fixes and 
specific improvements.

I look forward to making Zephyr work as a suitable neutron testing 
platform (either inside fullstack, or on its own if the community wishes 
to move that way) and meet the needs of as much of the community as 
possible!  In that vein, I would like to move zephyr into community 
standard repositories, bug trackers, mailing lists, etc. (Launchpad 
ready at: https://launchpad.net/zephyr-neutronand IRC channel already 
set up!  Please come and visit us at: #openstack-zephyr), and really try 
to get everyone involved wherever I can.

Please don't hesitate to contact me at micucci at midokura.com or on IRC as 
“kitsuneninetails” in the #openstack-zephyr channel with any questions, 
comments, or suggestions!


Michael Micucci

IRC: kitsuneninetails at freenode.net

Zephyr IRC channel: #openstack-zephyr


With my own strength, I will continue down this endless road.

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