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joehuang joehuang at huawei.com
Wed Jan 13 01:27:12 UTC 2016


As more and more OpenStack release are deployed in the production cloud, multiple releases of OpenStack co-located in a cloud is a very common situation. For example, "Juno" and "Liberty" releases co-exist in the same cloud.

Then the cloud management software has to be aware of the API variation of different releases, and deal with the different field of object in the request / response. For example, in "Juno", no "multiattach" field in the "volume" object, but the field presents in "Liberty".

Each releases will bring some API changes, it will be very useful that the API variation will also be publish after each release is delivered, so that the cloud management software can read and changes and react accordingly.

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Chaoyi Huang ( Joe Huang )

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