[openstack-dev] [all] re-introducing twisted to global-requirements

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon Jan 11 12:23:40 UTC 2016

On 01/08/2016 03:52 PM, Jim Rollenhagen wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 08, 2016 at 03:39:51PM -0500, Jay Pipes wrote:
>> No, nothing nefarious there. Sorry for letting my personal frustrations
>> bubble over into this.
>> I am not blocking anything from going forward and I definitely am not asking
>> for a revert of any g-r patch. Nor am I trying to obstruct you in your
>> governance of Ironic.
>> I was just raising my concerns as an OpenStack citizen and getting my
>> opinion out on paper.
> As you should; thanks for doing that. I'm eager to see how this goes. :)

I think there is also a huge difference between how an effort like this
goes in the first 6 months, and what it looks like in 2 or 3 years once
none of the people originally working on it still are. Especially when
you start talking about more complex API flows that require there to be
state behind the scenes. The internal state associated with flows is
where this tends to get into the weeds.

An alternative approach would be making a fake / simulator driver like
Jay suggested, and spawning all the ironic services in a single process
using the oslo.messaging in memory driver and in mem sqlite db. This
kind of approach is what we use in Nova functional tests to setup a
whole stack fake cloud inside a single test process.

At the end of the day it's the choice of the Ironic team. Just something
to think really hard about.


Sean Dague

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