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Chandeep Khamba ckhamba at cray.com
Thu Jan 7 19:51:17 UTC 2016

HI ,

I have some nodes which are Centos 6.5 and am trying to run the monasca-agent via the monasca-setup script.

I am able to run the script but it does not work it out

/usr/share/monasca/bin/monasca-setup -u xxxxxx -p xxxxxxx --project_name admin -s monitoring --keystone_url xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --monasca_url xxxxxxxxx --config_dir /etc/monasca/agent --log_dir /var/log/monasca/agent —-overwrite

INFO: Enabled monasca-agent service via SysV init script

INFO: Configuring base Agent settings.

INFO: Configuring System

INFO: Configured network

INFO: Configured disk

INFO: Configured load

INFO: Configured memory

INFO: Configured cpu

INFO: Configuring Ntp

INFO: Enabling the ntp plugin

INFO: Postfix found but the required sudo access is not configured.

Refer to plugin documentation for more detail

INFO: Starting monasca-agent service via SysV init script

Stopping Monasca Monitoring Agent (stopping supervisord) monasca-agent

Starting Monasca Monitoring Agent (using supervisord) monasca-agent

ERROR: The service did not startup correctly see /var/log/monasca/agent

 While If I do a manual run of the collector and forwarder they seem to work pretty well for me

The same stuff works on a centos 7 machine pretty well .

Is there something else I can use to daemonize my agent instead of supervisord   ?  Or am I missing something  ?

PS  : monasca-agent version : 1.1.15

Chandeep Khamba

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