[openstack-dev] [trove] Adding support for HBase in Trove

michael mccune msm at redhat.com
Thu Jan 7 16:17:48 UTC 2016

thanks for bringing this up Amrith,

On 01/06/2016 07:31 PM, Fox, Kevin M wrote:
> Having a simple plugin that doesn't depend on all of Sahara, for the case a user only wants a single node HBase does make sense. Its much easier for an Op to support that case if thats all their users ever want. But, thats probably as far as that plugin ever should go. If you need scale up/down, etc, then your starting to reimplement large swaths of Sahara, and like the Cinder plugin for Nova, there could be a plugin that works identically to the stand alone one that converts the same api over to a Sahara compatible one. You then farm the work over to Sahara.

i think this sounds reasonable, as long as we are limiting it to 
standalone mode. if the deployments start to take on a larger scope i 
agree it would be useful to leverage sahara for provisioning and scaling.

as the hbase installation grows beyond the standalone mode there will 
necessarily need to be hdfs and zookeeper support to allow for a proper 
production deployment. this also brings up questions of allowing the 
end-users to supply configurations for the hdfs and zookeeper processes, 
not to mention enabling support for high availability hdfs.

i can envision a scenario where trove could use sahara to provision and 
manage the clusters for hbase/hdfs/zk. this does pose some questions as 
we'd have to determine how the trove guest agent would be installed on 
the nodes, if there will need to be custom configurations used by trove, 
and if sahara will need to provide a plugin for bare (meaning no data 
processing framework) hbase/hdfs/zk clusters. but, i think these could 
be solved by either using custom images or a plugin in sahara that would 
install the necessary agents/configurations.

of course, this does add a layer of complexity as operators who wish 
this type of deployment will need to have both trove and sahara, but imo 
this would be easier than replicating the work that sahara has done with 
these technologies.


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