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Is this an offline install or have you retried since posting the message? I ask because I'm not able to reproduce the problem. Its possible that the Ansible Galaxy API was down but its hard to say.


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when running openstack ansible quick start ( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openstack/openstack-ansible/master/scripts/run-aio-build.sh | sudo bash )

it will halt with the following error.

++ ansible-galaxy install --role-file=ansible-role-requirements.yml --ignore-errors --force
- the API server (galaxy.ansible.com<http://galaxy.ansible.com>) is not responding, please try again later.

It just started happening in the last day.

I found if I comment out the following roles in the requirements file, that command runs to completion.

- src: evrardjp.keepalived
  name: keepalived
  version: '1.3'
- src: mattwillsher.sshd
  name: sshd

seeking advice or help on this issue.

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