[openstack-dev] [all] A proposal to separate the design summit

Eoghan Glynn eglynn at redhat.com
Mon Feb 29 20:10:14 UTC 2016

> > Current thinking would be to give preferential rates to access the main
> > summit to people who are present to other events (like this new
> > separated contributors-oriented event, or Ops midcycle(s)). That would
> > allow for a wider definition of "active community member" and reduce
> > gaming.
> > 
> I think reducing gaming is important. It is valuable to include those
> folks who wish to make a contribution to OpenStack, I have confidence
> the next iteration of entry structure will try to more accurately
> identify those folks who bring value to OpenStack.

There have been a couple references to "gaming" on this thread, which
seem to imply a certain degree of dishonesty, in the sense of bending
the rules.

Can anyone who has used the phrase clarify:

 (a) what exactly they mean by gaming in this context


 (b) why they think this is a clear & present problem demanding a

For the record, landing a small number of patches per cycle and thus
earning an ATC summit pass as a result is not, IMO at least, gaming.

Instead, it's called *contributing*.

(on a small scale, but contributing none-the-less).


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