[openstack-dev] [neutron]Ports not binding correctly after restart

Sergio Morales Acuña semoac at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 16:48:23 UTC 2016

Hi all.
I'm facing a problem with "Neutron/OVS/DVR" in "Liberty".

With 3 network/compute nodes I created, successfully, 100 tenants, 100
networks (1 per tenants), 3 DHCP agents per network and 100 routers (1 per
network), 100 VM (1 per tenant) and 1 FIP per VM. All working and

The problem occurs after restarting the servers. Now i have some routers
without communications, dhcp agents not connected to the tenant network and
VM running but not connected to the router/fip. This happen randomly for
any router/dhcp agent/ or VM.

There's a way to force a port binding check in neutron? How i can make the
restart process more effective?

I'm using Neutron 7.0.1 (DVR), RHEL 7.2, Kolla with RDO Liberty and  OVS

I tried neutron 7.0.4 (from stable/libery) with OVS 2.3.2 and OVS 2.4.0.

I would appreciate any comments, suggestions or patches under review.
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