[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Show TripleO: A terminal dashboard

Dougal Matthews dougal at redhat.com
Mon Feb 29 09:03:25 UTC 2016

On 28 February 2016 at 22:41, Steve Baker <sbaker at redhat.com> wrote:

> On 27/02/16 09:06, Ben Nemec wrote:
>> Interesting!  So this could conceivably be another consumer of the API,
>> right?  A sort of CLI UI?
>> On 02/25/2016 01:10 PM, Dougal Matthews wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Over the past couple of weeks in my spare time I put together a basic
>>> Python urwid dashboard for TripleO. You can see the usage and some
>>> screenshots here:
>>> http://python-tripleodash.readthedocs.org
>>> The project is in very early stages (read as: very limited and buggy),
>>> but I've found it useful already. At the moment it is read only but
>>> there is no reason that needs to be the case going forward.
>>> Ultimately I think it could become both a dashboard and a handy getting
>>> started wizard.Good q It does this to a small extent now by listing the
>>> commands needed to register nodes if none are found.
>>> I wanted to share this for now and see if it interested anyone else.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Dougal
>>> Very nice, I wonder if this dashboard would be a better home for my
> proposed commands for monitoring software deployments on the nodes [1]? It
> seems like a good match because it is aimed at monitoring the status of the
> deployment rather than triggering changes.

Possibly, I think there would still be value in them being included in the
default CLI - they are going to be very useful, so we should make them
available to as many people as possible. However, once they are merged into
tripleo-common I'd be interested in seeing how they could be used.

> The tripleo-common changes would still need to land, but the UI would move
> from tripleoclient to tripleodash.
> [1]
> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open++branch:master+topic:bp/tripleo-manage-software-deployments
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