[openstack-dev] [release] mitaka release countdown for R-5, Feb 29 - Mar 4

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Thu Feb 25 19:40:39 UTC 2016


R-5 (Feb 29 - Mar 4 ) is the Mitaka-3 milestone and overall feature,
requirements, and string freezes. Feature work already in progress
should continue.  Other features should be postponed to the next

Project teams should start shifting focus from feature development
to hardening, bug fixes, and stability work.

General Notes

Non-client libraries are under a release freeze, except for critical
bug fixes.

Features in projects using the cycle-with-milestone release model
that are not completed this week will need a "feature freeze
exception" (FFE). PTLs can manage feature freeze exceptions directly,
but should be very cautious with them and not grant exceptions for
work where they are not 100% sure it will be finished given an extra
week. Every additional FFE delays the release candidates, which in
turn reduces the end release quality. Be careful about granting
more than a couple of exceptions.

Release Actions

We will be more strictly enforcing the library release freeze this
cycle. Please review client libraries managed by your team and
ensure that recent changes have been released and the global
requirements and constraints lists are up to date with accurate
minimum versions and exclusions. This week is the final opportunity
to release client libraries.

Projects using the cycle-with-intermediary release model need to
produce intermediate releases, if you are going to have one this
cycle. See Thierry's email for details [1].

Projects using cycle-with-milestone release model should prepare
the release requests for 0b3 tags for all projects this week. Refer
to the final release process, documented in Thierry's email [1].

Review your stable/liberty branches for necessary releases and
submit patches to openstack/releases if you want them.

[1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-February/086152.html

Important Dates

Mitaka 3 milestone: Feb 29 - Mar 4
Final release for client libraries: Mar 2
RC Target Week: R-3, Mar 14-18

Mitaka release schedule: http://releases.openstack.org/mitaka/schedule.html

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