[openstack-dev] [Nova][Migration][RFC]: What are in progress migration?

少合冯 lvmxhster at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 08:26:00 UTC 2016

There's one current nova code define it as follow:

that means: beside [ 'accepted', 'confirmed', 'reverted', 'error', 'failed'
], other status are all in progress.
Note: here  finished is in progress.

John Garbutt has raised the same question in the code review.

There are two problems want to discuss.

1.  should "finished" be in progress?
from literal meaning, it should not.
So we should add it to  non-in-progress list.

And should not return the "finished" migration when users use
migration-index to fetch it.

But is this reasonable?
A user do a migration, he get nothing information about the  migrations by
migration-index after it is finished.

2. I wonder what's the difference among "done", "completed" and "finished" ?
I use  this command:
$ git grep "migration.*status"
I have gotten all migrations status beside non-in-progress as follow.
 done, post-migrating, preparing, queued, completed, accepted,  finished,

The current migration.status define is not good for read so I file a bug. (
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