[openstack-dev] [heat]How to manage the life cycle of resources in a stack?

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Wed Feb 24 23:53:28 UTC 2016

On 24/02/16 11:27, zhu4236926 wrote:
> Hi guys,
>      I  get some resources by creating a stack, e.g. ,the resources may
> be 2 volumes, volume A and volume B.  If the volume A and volume B are
> useless, we can delete them by deleting the stack , we also can delete
> them by cinder.If  they are deleted by cinder, though the volumes have
> been delete, the resources and stack are still exist,  a tenant has the
> maxmum quantity of stacks, so I may couldn't  create the stack if the
> number of left stacks exceed the limit . If I delete by deleting the
> stack, the volume A and volume B would be deleted both, may be I just
> want to delete the volume A and reservce volume B.
>      So how should I manage the resources(volumeA and volumeB) created
> by heat, deleted by cinder or heat?

If you're creating stuff through Heat you should continue to manage it 
through Heat. So either delete the stack or, as Steve said, update the 
stack to remove those volumes.

That's the best way, but if you do delete stuff in Cinder directly, you 
*should* still be able to delete the stack later. I don't recommend 
doing it that way around though.


[Also this is more of a question for ask.openstack.org rather than the 
development list]

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