[openstack-dev] [ironic] [stable] Suggestion to remove stable/liberty and stable branches support from ironic-python-agent

Alan Pevec apevec at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 21:55:50 UTC 2016

> The tricky bit is that RDO does not include patches in our packages
> built from trunk (trunk.rdoproject.org), and for liberty we first check
> if stable/liberty exists, then fallback to master if it does not. So the
> presence of stable/liberty that is not actually the recommended way to
> build IPA for liberty is a bit not ideal for us.

Trunk builder will first use branch specified per project per release,
and we can now override that easily in rdoinfo.

> All of that said, I totally understand not wanting to delete a branch.
> Especially since I think I am the one who Dmitry is referring to asking
> for it. (Though I think what I wanted was releases which is subtly
> different)

that goes under "for historical reasons" :)

> I think there are some hacks I could make in our trunk builder if I at
> least have a ML post like this as justification. I am not 100% sure that
> is possible though.

No hacks needed and I've referenced this ML post:
Please let me know if that's what you wanted, to avoid further confusion :)


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