[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Intra-column wrapping in python-neutronclient

Carl Baldwin carl at ecbaldwin.net
Wed Feb 24 17:23:28 UTC 2016


I've noticed a new behavior from the python-neutronclient which
disturbs me.  For me, this just started happening with my latest build
of devstack which I built yesterday.  It didn't happen with another
recent but little bit older devstack.

The issue is that the client is now wrapping content within columns.
For example:

  | id                              | name    | subnets
  | eb850219-6a42-42ed-ac6a-        | public  |
099745e5-4925-4572-a88f-         |
  | 927b03a0dc77                    |         | a5376206c892       |
  |                                 |         | 5b6dfb0d-c97e-48ae-
  |                                 |         | 98c9-7fe3e1e8e88b
2001:db8::/64  |
  | ec73110f-                       | private | 4073b9e7-a58e-4d6e-
  | 86ad-4292-9547-7c2789a7023b     |         | a2e4-7a45ae899671    |
  |                                 |         |
f12aee80-fc13-4adf-a0eb-         |
  |                                 |         | 706af4319094
fd9d:e27:3eab::/64  |

Notice how the ids in the first column are wrapped within the column.
I personally don't see this as an aesthetic improvement.  It destroys
by ability to cut and paste the data within this column.  When I
stretch my console out to fix it, I have to rerun the command with the
new window width to fix it.  I used to be able to stretch my console
horizontally and the wrapped would automatically go away.

How can I turned this off now?  Also, can I request that this new
"feature" be disabled by default?


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