[openstack-dev] Foundation Sponsorship for tox/pytest Sprint

Ryan Brown rybrown at redhat.com
Tue Feb 23 13:10:45 UTC 2016

Since every OpenStack project uses tox, would it be possible to have the 
foundation donate a little bit to the tox/pytest team to enable a sprint 
on both projects?

There's an IndieGoGo (which seems to be yet another crowdfunding site) 

While it's not a directly OpenStack project, I think it'd be worth 
supporting since we depend on them so heavily.

Individuals can also donate, and I encourage that too. I donated 100 USD 
because tox saves me loads of time when working on OpenStack, and I use 
py.test for projects at work and at play. If OpenStack pays your salary, 
consider giving the tox/pytest team a slice.


Ryan Brown / Senior Software Engineer, Openstack / Red Hat, Inc.

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