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On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 11:08 AM, Thierry Carrez <thierry at openstack.org>

> Back to the original thread: what does "no open core" mean in OpenStack
> 2016 ? I think working on that could help sway the Poppy decision one way
> or another: my original clarification proposal ("It should have a
> fully-functional, production-grade open source implementation") would mean
> we would have to exclude Poppy, or make an exception that we can back up.

I think "open core" still means basically what it did 5 years ago, in that
it is generally a single entity that is 'holding back' part of a
project/product from the "community release" for product purposes.

OpenStack's "no open core" rule was set with that in mind IIRC.  While
Poppy doesn't meet the above definition, and therefore I wouldn't call it
open core, it does share certain characteristics with open core projects in
that it is not production-ready without a commercial/proprietary service.

We as a community often take a strong stand that the tools we use to
produce OpenStack are Open Source whenever possible.  Sometimes, when that
is not possible, we simply do without rather than compromise that
philosophy.  See our lack of a video-conference capability (aside from the
arguable usefulness of it).  There simply is not a usable/scalable option
that fits our values.  Would we suddenly find one acceptable if we had an
open source API abstraction layer to multiple non-free services?

I think with that stance on the tools we use it seems a bit disingenuous to
declare that one of our deliverables is a project to enable just that sort
of service.  This does not strike me as consistent with the OpenStack



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