[openstack-dev] [ironic] Midcycle summary part 3/6

守屋哲 / MORIYA,SATORU satoru.moriya.br at hitachi.com
Mon Feb 22 04:50:56 UTC 2016

Thanks Jim for summarizing mid-cycle meeting.

I'd like to clarify the next step for boot-from-volume things.
In the etherpad (https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ironic-mitaka-midcycle), 
there's high level plan:

* High level plan
  * Review specs
  * Write new specs for the base drivers - This may need the composable driver spec as there are numerous permutations
    * the base implementation should be fully open source
    * Julia to write a spec for this reference implementation
  * Then begin letting in the other drivers

So the next step is reviewing specs and the specs are:
* ironic
* nova-ironic driver

We need to agree on ironic-spec(200496) before nova PTL reviews nova-ironic
driver spec(211101). In addition to that, Nova spec freeze date is usually
set around milestone-1 (quite early in the development cycle), and so I'd
like Ironic-cores to review the specs above before the next summit.

200496 has already got lots of reviews (thanks guys!), but unfortunately,
it's not reviewed enough by core reviewers.


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> * Discussed boot-from-volume things
>   * This is something we'd like to start working on in Newton, though
>     depending on priority it may be an Otaca thing.
>   * Would like to ship a reference implementation first as the "base
>     case"; this would support a deployment where all of the below are
>     true:
>     * Deployment has metadata service (configdrive not supported)
>     * Deployment does not require local boot (in other words, this will
>       only support booting the instance via iPXE)
>     * Hardware supports iPXE
>     * Hardware supports the UEFI 2.4 spec
>   * Once that ships, vendors are free to use vendor-specific features to
>     provide a better experience
>   * TheJulia will be writing a spec for this reference implementation
>   * Talked about how we might get a configdrive to the instance
>     * Some hardware may support it via virtualmedia
>     * Some hardware may support it via a second volume
>     * ironic-conductor could mount the volume and carve out a
>       configdrive partition. This has implications on network and
>       customer data security, cannot be used with encrypted volumes, and
>       could break an image that doesn't have sufficient space at the
>       end.

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