[openstack-dev] Help regarding openstack error to set method value and it's plugin in keystone.conf

Vashishtha, Vibhu Vibhu.Vashishtha at safenet-inc.com
Fri Feb 19 06:34:19 UTC 2016


I have to configure openstack as a service provider for SAML  authentication ,I am not able to set methods value in keystone.conf, when I am adding saml2 and mapped in methods valuefor saml2 authentication where
saml2= "keystone.auth.plugins.saml2.Saml2"
mapped = keystone.auth.plugins.mapped.Mapped

it is giving me an error  "

"Failed to load saml2 driver
Attempted to authenticate with an unsupported method" ,

And mapped in case of mapped what should I set in place of these values. Kindly please guide me as I am very stuck at this point.

Vibhu Vashishtha

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