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Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Thu Feb 18 11:58:13 UTC 2016

On 02/12/2016 07:01 AM, Sean Dague wrote:
> Ok... this is going to be one of those threads, but I wanted to try to
> get resolution here.
> OpenStack is wildly inconsistent in it's use of tenant vs. project. As
> someone that wasn't here at the beginning, I'm not even sure which one
> we are supposed to be transitioning from -> to.
> At a minimum I'd like to make all of devstack use 1 term, which is the
> term we're trying to get to. That will help move the needle.
> However, again, I'm not sure which one that is supposed to be (comments
> in various places show movement in both directions). So people with
> deeper knowledge here, can you speak up as to which is the deprecated
> term and which is the term moving forward.
> 	-Sean

So, as expected, there are snags in deleting TENANT variables in
devstack, which is some of the clients.

It appears that neither glance nor cinder client work with
OS_PROJECT_NAME, even though they say they do:

os1:~> set | grep ^OS_

os1:~> cinder list
ERROR: You must provide a tenant_name, tenant_id, project_id or
project_name (with project_domain_name or project_domain_id) via
--os-tenant-name (env[OS_TENANT_NAME]),  --os-tenant-id
(env[OS_TENANT_ID]),  --os-project-id (env[OS_PROJECT_ID])
--os-project-name (env[OS_PROJECT_NAME]),  --os-project-domain-id
(env[OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_ID])  --os-project-domain-name

os1:~> glance image-list
You must provide a project_id or project_name (with project_domain_name
or project_domain_id) via   --os-project-id (env[OS_PROJECT_ID])
--os-project-name (env[OS_PROJECT_NAME]),  --os-project-domain-id
(env[OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_ID])  --os-project-domain-name

The existence of versions of these tools out there which don't support
OS_PROJECT_NAME will inhibit our attempts to move forward. Thoughts one
ways we can address this?

Sean Dague

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