[openstack-dev] [ironic] Midcycle summary part 4/6

Jim Rollenhagen jim at jimrollenhagen.com
Thu Feb 18 03:18:17 UTC 2016

Hi all,

As our midcycle is virtual and split into 6 "sessions" for the sake of
timezones, we'll be sending a brief summary of each session so that
folks can catch up before the next one. All of this info should be on
the etherpad as well.

Session 4/6 was February 18, 0000-0400 UTC.

* Did a nova bug scrub
  * Both of our Nova liaisons (jlvillal and mrda) were around, so we
  * figured this was a good time
  * Went through all outstanding nova bugs with the ironic tag
  * Were able to close a few as already done, duplicate, won't fix, etc
  * Some of us agreed to take some of the bugs on
  * Some others were fine as-is and left alone

* sinval requests feedback on a oneview spec:
  * This is pretty cool stuff IMO, and may pave the way to enabling
    composable "flavors" for other hardware that supports it. In other
    words, allocating RAM/CPUs/etc on the fly, especially relevant with
    blades. Please do review when you have time! :)

* Did some friendly chatting
  * Part of this was discussing how the virtual midcycle has worked out
    compared to physical midcycles
    * Hint: it's been mostly good
    * I'll be writing a blog post about this when all is said and done
  * More friendly conversation
  * I personally feel like I got some of the hallway/bar conversations
    things I was missing with a virtual midcycle in this session

* About the next 0000-0400 session
  * mrda won't be around until 0100
  * We've also discovered there's not many people, and thus not much to
    discuss, in this session
  * We'll be opening up the call tomorrow, but if there isn't anything
    to discuss, may be closing it up quickly
    * Alternatives are jlvillal + others hacking on making grenade work,
      or just doing general review work

Thanks to all who showed up for a great conversation :)

// jim

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