[openstack-dev] [Fuel][Puppet] New Rspec Noop Tests Matcher to Ensure Transitive Dependencies

Vladimir Kuklin vkuklin at mirantis.com
Wed Feb 17 15:23:56 UTC 2016


It seems that this change [0] into Fuel came unnoticed, but it may help you
in testing your puppet catalogues.

I was refactoring our code pieces that actually wait for Load Balancer to
be ready to serve requests. I ended putting things into a special define
called `wait_for_backend`. This broke direct dependencies between resources
as there was only transitive order between them (e.g. A->B->C) instead of
direct (A->C). And this broke our noop tests as they were expecting to see
the latter ordering. This in turn required me to write an additional
matcher based on puppet source code.

[0] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/272702/

Here is an example of the code you might want to use in your rspecs:

graph is lazy calculated within noop tests shared_examples.

So, if you need to just check if one resource will execute after the
another, you do not need 'that_comes_[before|after]' anymore.


Folks, this may be also interesting for you.

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