[openstack-dev] [ironic] Midcycle summary part 1/6

Jim Rollenhagen jim at jimrollenhagen.com
Tue Feb 16 23:30:54 UTC 2016

Hi all,

As our midcycle is virtual and split into 6 "sessions" for the sake of
timezones, we'll be sending a brief summary of each session so that
folks can catch up before the next one. All of this info should be on
the etherpad as well.

Session 1/6 was February 16, 1500-2000 UTC.

* We talked about Mitaka priorities and progress, and plans for the
  remainder of the cycle. Also reminded of timelines.
  * Feb 29 is the client library deadline; we'll need an ironicclient
    release before then.
  * Priorities for the remainder of the cycle are laid out in the
    etherpad. Top priorities are network isolation work and manual

* We discussed the effectiveness of setting cycle priorities.
  * Consensus was that it was effective overall.
  * Difficult to keep priorities in mind for reviewers
  * jroll is going to work on a priorities dashboard, listing progress,
    outstanding patches/topics in gerrit.
  * Concern there's too many specs for all of us to properly review.
    Deva is going to lead the work on setting up a timebox in our
    meeting to triage a few specs, as far as if it's worth looking at in
    the short term.
  * Deva and jroll to chat with product working group to see if we can
    mutually help each other, in an attempt to make sure we're working
    on the right things.
  * We all need to try not to spread ourselves to thin, by assigning
    ourselves to less chunks of work. We also decided that each priority
    should have a group of people invested in it, rather than one, that
    can work together to speed up progress on them.

* We brainstormed on our plans for Newton, and made an exhaustive list
  of things we'd like to do. We won't be able to do them all, but it's a
  good start on planning our priorities for Newton and our summit sessions.

* We made a list of contentious topics that we absolutely want to make
  sure get discussed during this midcycle. This includes the
  claims/filter API, boot from volume, and VLAN aware baremetal
  * jroll to lay out the schedule for these.

* Last, we talked about our gate and how to make it less terrible.
  * In general, the less voting jobs we have, the less opportunity for
    one to fail at random.
  * Going to make postgres non-voting.
  * Going to remove bash ramdisk support and kill that job.
  * Still working on tinyipa to speed things up.
    * This also allows us to do more tests in parallel.
  * Discussed writing more tempest deploy tests to test individual
    features, rather than separate jobs.
  * Also discussed things we want to test better once our gate is

I think that's it from session 1.

As a note, the asterisk setup that Infra provided was *fantastic*, and
the virtual-ness of this midcycle is going better than I ever expected.
Thanks again to the infra team for all that you do for us. <3

See you all in the rest of the midcycle! :)

// jim

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