[openstack-dev] [Nova][Glance]Glance v2 api support in Nova

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Mon Feb 15 23:00:14 UTC 2016

On 12/02/16 18:24 +0300, Mikhail Fedosin wrote:
>In late December I wrote several messages about glance v2 support in Nova and
>Nova's xen plugin. Many things have been done after that and now I'm happy to
>announce that there we have a set of commits that makes Nova fully v2
>compatible (xen plugin works too)!
>Here's the link to the top commit https://review.openstack.org/#/c/259097/
>Here's the link to approved spec for Mitaka https://github.com/openstack/
>I think it'll be a big step for OpenStack, because api v2 is much more stable
>and RESTful than v1.  We would very much like to deprecate v1 at some point. v2
>is 'Current' since Juno, and after that there we've had a lot of attempts to
>adopt it in Nova, and every time it was postponed to next release cycle.
>Unfortunately, it may not happen this time - this work was marked as
>'non-priority' when the related patches had been done. I think it's a big
>omission, because this work is essential for all OpenStack, and it will be a
>shame if we won't be able to land it in Mitaka.
>As far as I know, Feature Freeze will be announced on March, 3rd, and we still
>have enough time and people to test it before. All patches are split into small
>commits (100 LOC max), so they should be relatively easy to review.
>I wonder if Nova community members may change their decision and unblock this
>patches? Thanks in advance!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chat with Sean Dague and John Garbutt and we
agreed that it was probably better to wait until Newton. After that chat, we
held a Glance virtual mid-cycle where Mikhail mentioned that he would rather
sprint on getting Nova on v2 than waiting for Newton. The terms and code Mikhail
worked on aligns with what has been discussed throughout the cycle in numerous
chats, patch sets, etc.

After all the effort that has been put on this (including getting a py24
environment ready to test the xenplugin) it'd be a real shame to have this work
pushed to Newton. The Glance team *needs* to be able to deprecate v1 and the
team has been working on this ever since Kilo, when this effort of moving Nova
to v2 started.

I believe it has to be an OpenStack priority to make this happen or, at the very
least, a cross-project effort that involves all services relying on Glance. Nova
is the last service in the list, AFAICT, and the Glance team has been very
active on this front. This is not to imply the Nova team hasn't help, in fact,
there's been lots of support/feedback from the nova team during Mitaka. It is
because of that that I believe we should grant this patches an exception and let
them in.

Part of the feedback the Nova team has provided is that some of that code that
has been proposed should live in glanceclient. The Glance team is ready to react
and merge that code, release glanceclient, and get Nova on v2.

Either way, I believe the Glance team should move forward either way on
deprecating v1 in the Newton time frame. Although, this is not for me to decide
right now and perhaps this thread is not the right place for that discussion.

Is this something the Nova team would like to consider?

All that said, I'd like to thanks Mikhail for all the effort put on this and
those sleepless nights he spent on making the xenplugin work with v2. This was
not an easy task to take on and Mikhail succeeded on reaching the goal.


Flavio Percoco
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