[openstack-dev] [all][tc] Proposal: Separate design summits from OpenStack conferences

Eoghan Glynn eglynn at redhat.com
Mon Feb 15 09:36:25 UTC 2016

> > Honestly I don't know of any communication between two cores at a +2
> > party that couldn't have just as easily happened surrounded by other
> > contributors. Nor, I hope, does anyone put in the substantial
> > reviewing effort required to become a core in order to score a few
> > free beers and see some local entertainment. Similarly for the TC,
> > one would hope that dinner doesn't figure in the system incentives
> > that drives folks to throw their hat into the ring.
> Heh, you'd be surprised.
> I don't object to the proposal, just the implication that there's
> something wrong with parties for specific groups: we did abandon the
> speaker party at Plumbers because the separation didn't seem to be
> useful and concentrated instead on doing a great party for everyone.
> > In any case, I've derailed the main thrust of the discussion here,
> > which I believe could be summed up by:
> >
> >   "let's dial down the glitz a notch, and get back to basics"
> > 
> > That sentiment I support in general, but I'd just be more selective
> > as to which social events should be first in line to be culled in
> > order to create a better atmosphere at summit.
> > 
> > And I'd be far more concerned about getting the choice of location,
> > cadence, attendees, and format right, than in questions of who drinks
> > with whom.
> OK, so here's a proposal, why not reinvent the Cores party as a Meet
> the Cores Party instead (open to all design summit attendees)?  Just
> make sure it's advertised in a way that could only possibly appeal to
> design summit attendees (so the suits don't want to go), use the same
> buget (which will necessitate a dial down) and it becomes an inclusive
> event that serves a useful purpose.

Sure, I'd be totally agnostic on the branding as long as the widest
audience is invited ... e.g. all ATCs, or even all summit attendees.

Actually that distinction between ATCs and other attendees just sparked
another thought ...

Traditionally all ATCs earn a free pass for summit, whereas the other
attendees pay $600 or more for entry. I'm wondering if (a) there's some
cross-subsidization going on here and (b) if the design summit was
cleaved off, would the loss of the income from the non-ATCs sound the
death-knell for the traditional ATC free pass?

>From my Pov, that would not be an excellent outcome. Someone with better
visibility on the financial structure of summit funding might be able
to clarify that.



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