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Hongbin Lu hongbin.lu at huawei.com
Sun Feb 14 16:32:41 UTC 2016


Thanks for directing Shiva to here. BTW, most of your code on objects and db are still here :).


Please do join the #openstack-containers channel (It is hard to do trouble-shooting in ML). I believe contributors in the channel are happy to help you. For Magnum team, it looks we should have an installation guide. Do we have a BP for that? If not, I think we should create one and give it a high priority.

Best regards,

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First off, welcome to OpenStack :)  Feel free to call me Steve.

Ccing openstack-dev which is typically about development questions not usage questions, but you might have found some kind of bug.

I am not sure what the state of Magnum and Keystone is with OpenStack.  I recall at our Liberty midcycle we were planning to implement trusts.  Perhaps some of that work broke?

I would highly recommend obtaining yourself an IRC client, joining a freenode server, and joining the #openstack-containers channel.  Here you can meet with the core reviewers and many users who may have seen your problem in the past and have pointers for resolution.

Another option is to search the IRC archives for the channel here:

Finally, my detailed knowledge of Magnum is a bit dated, not having written any code for Magnum for over 6 months.  Although I wrote a lot of the initial code, most of it has been replaced ;) by the rockin Magnum core review team.  They can definitely get you going - just find them on irc.


From: Shiva Ramdeen <shiva.ramdeen at outlook.com<mailto:shiva.ramdeen at outlook.com>>
Date: Sunday, February 14, 2016 at 6:33 AM
To: Steven Dake <stdake at cisco.com<mailto:stdake at cisco.com>>
Subject: Assistance with Magnum Setup

Hello Mr. Dake,

Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Shiva Ramdeen, I am a final year student at the University of the West Indies studying for my degree in
Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am currently working on a my final year project which deals with the performance of Magnum and Nova-Docker. I have been attempting to install Magnum on a liberty install of Openstack. However, I have been unable till to get Magnum to authenticate with keystone and thus cannot create swarm bays. I fear that I have depleted all of the online resources that explain the setup of Magnum and as a last resort I am seeking any assistance that you may be able to provide that may help me resolve this issue.  I would be available to provide any further details at your best convenience. Thank you in advance.

Kindest Regards,

Shiva Ramdeen
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