[openstack-dev] [Manila] ALLOWED_EXTRA_MISSING is cover.sh

John Spray jspray at redhat.com
Wed Feb 10 18:02:14 UTC 2016


I noticed that the coverage script is enforcing a hard limit of 4 on
the number of extra missing lines introduced.  We have a requirement
that new drivers have 90% unit test coverage, which the ceph driver
meets[1], but it's tripping up on that absolute 4 line limit.

What do folks think about tweaking the script to do a different
calculation, like identifying new files and permitting 10% of the line
count of the new files to be missed?  Otherwise I think the 90% target
is going to continually conflict with the manila-coverage CI task.


1. http://logs.openstack.org/11/270211/19/check/manila-coverage/47b79d2/cover/manila_share_drivers_cephfs_py.html
2. http://logs.openstack.org/11/270211/19/check/manila-coverage/47b79d2/console.html

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