[openstack-dev] [heat][nova][neutron] Using specific endpoints

pn kk pnkk2016 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 11:19:48 UTC 2016


We want to have a deployment in which we use a single keystone instance,
but multiple controllers having other openstack
services(glance/nova/neutron...) running on each of the controllers.

All these services would register their endpoints with single keystone.

Please suggest a way in which I can point openstack clients to specific
endpoint and access its services (don't want to use regions).

Is this supported?

I saw that heat, neutron APIs can take endpoint urls. Can I use these APIs
to solve my purpose?

>>> from heatclient.client import Client>>> heat = Client('1', endpoint=heat_url, token=auth_token)

>>> from neutronclient.v2_0 import client>>> neutron = client.Client(endpoint_url='',                            token='d3f9226f27774f338019aa2611112ef6')

Could you please also share the APIs of nova/glance which can take

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