[openstack-dev] [all] the trouble with names

Chris Dent cdent+os at anticdent.org
Fri Feb 5 21:36:12 UTC 2016

On Fri, 5 Feb 2016, Sean Dague wrote:

> I feel like this is gone a bit "dead horse" of track from the question
> at hand. Which brings us in danger of ending up on solution #3 (do
> nothing, we're all burned out from having to discuss things anyway, lets
> farm goats).

We should revisit this ^ issue at some point because honestly if people
can't spend the time and energy to reach consensus, we're screwed and
we're going to continue to look like a giant enterprisey boondoggle
rather than a legitimate and useful "Ubiquitous Open Source Cloud

But fine:

> I'd ask for folks to try to stay on the original question:
> What possible naming standards could we adopt, and what are the preferences.

1. service type as described in option 2
2. managed by the api-wg with appeal to the TC
3. be limited to those services that (wish to/need to/should) be present
    in the service catalog

As discussed elsewhere 3 is a feature not a bug. We should endeavor
to keep the service catalog clean, tidy, and limited as a control on
OpenStack itself is clean, tidy and limited.

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